Our Why

Good business is
our business.

Good business is about creating results without sacrificing authenticity. It's not only possible but the right thing to do and more profitable. It's about diving more deeply to find unexplored areas of value. It's about creating a scalable process of connecting with people who could truly benefit from your service, community, brand, or product. It's about digital expertise that makes the complex; simple. Good business works because it puts in the hours, accumulates wisdom, and executes effectively without cutting corners. It has the effect of advancing real missions so that our clients, their audiences, and the communities they serve all succeed together... now that's a win-win; that is good business.

Our Culture

Our Mission

Mastic exists to help organizations who contribute to the common good to lead and succeed with digital so they can maximize their impact.

Why? Your missions and work impact the world. That's why our approach is authentic, people-based, and data-powered to make real impact possible for organizations of all kinds and sizes.

Our Values

Since 2014, we have been, are, and always will be driven by a culture of care that is informed and powered by our faith as a Catholic company.

Our values inform our world view, power our goals, and motivate our people to treat all with dignity while putting God first in everything we do. It's more than our work; its our culture.

Our Vision

By intent and design, we're a small focused team of experienced digital practitioners and professionals; the special ops of the digital world.

Our intent and vision is to foster a powerful culture of continuous self development, creativity, strategy, and disciplined excellence. If we can do more, we can help more clients and communities succeed.
Leadership Team

Meet our dedicated crew.

Luis Almanzar Galvan

Luis Almanzar Galvan

A message from our Founder

Focus on people and the funds will follow.

Truly disruptive organizations think outside of the box, they realize that new and inspired thinking can help us change, grow, and breathe new life into a situation without losing who we are. As long as there is clarity on the "why" or the purpose behind the effort - the strategy still remains focused, grounded, and yet innovative. Organization's today have an opportunity; a pivotal moment to turn their mission into culture rather than a wrinkled piece of paper collecting dust in the top drawer.

An organization that espouses their why, embraces it, and connects it to the bigger picture; empowers their people and provides perspective for their customers. After all, your audience has a "why" and if we don't hear it and connect to it, we risk becoming irrelevant. Irrelevance doesn't come from not having been on top of every new trend but from a refusal to serve; to seize the moment and meet the need in front of us.

Every audience's "why" is often foundational and integral to their needs as persons; their why is our opportunity to serve. Service is leadership, it is the opportunity to provide tangible value today to our customers and to the world. It is how organizations develop a real connection with their audiences... through a methodology of meeting needs and creating value. That said, it is only the start. To execute on that start... expertise, passion, vision, and a painstaking love of craft will be pivotal to follow through on the opportunities for growth that present themselves when an organization is focused on their mission. But that is the great adventure, for the organization and person who has the courage to persist or at least the wisdom to know they have to improve... success awaits on the other side.

The question is what is your why and are you clear on all the opportunities available to maximize your organization's potential? Let's discuss it and follow through... together.

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Luis Almanzar-Galvan, MBA is the Founder & Principal of Mastic Media

Luis E. Almanzar-Galvan, MBA

Founder & Principal of Mastic Media
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Ways we've made an impact

500+ Projects

We are grateful to our clients for trusting us with their projects and programs.

5 M + People

Through our partners, clients, and brands - the work has touched many.

6+ Years

We're grateful to have been open for six years; cheers to many more.